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Watch a 3 minute promotional video on how Marco can enhance your trade show booth!


Marco designs promotional magic for companies using their name, products, logos, etc. He promotes their product or service by using his magical skills. He creates attention and draws a high volume of attendees to any booth using his creative magical talents. The success of your next trade show is based on the amount of attendees your booth draws in. Marco draws attention in a unique and effective way. Your future clientele will always remember the clever way Marco incorporated your product or service using the art of close-up magic.

Please do not think of Marco's magical services as an added expense, think of his promotional magic as an investment. Hire Magic of Marco's promotional magical services for your next trade show and your investment will pay off.


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Marco can help you design a 3 Card Monte promotional giveaway. This effect will be professionally printed and packaged with your company name, logos, and or any messages your company would like to convey to the attendees. Marco would perform this effect at your booth, then give the effect away to the attendees. The attendees will take this promotional giveaway and perform this magical effect to family, friends and business colleagues. The best part is every time the attendee performs this effect it promotes your product. This giveaway will last long after the trade shows ends. This effect comes with instructions and is easily performed.

View a 30 second 3 Card Monte promotional video.

NJ Magician

Three Card Monte Video

Below are a few of the corporate clients Magic of Marco has performed for at promotional events, and created customized magical effects using these companies logo's.

New York Magicians New Jersey Magicians New Jersey Magicians New Jersey Magicians New Jersey Magicians New Jersey Magicians


Toys R. Us, McDonalds, Burger King, Disney, Macy's, Bank of America, Saks 5th Avenue, Chase Bank, CitiBank, Princeton University, New York University, Pathmark Supermarkets, Six Flags - NJ, HSBC, Horizon Blue Cross, Harley Davidson, Lancer Insurance Co., Time Warner Inc., Prudential, Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Client Testimonials from National Trade Show in Las Vegas!

NJ Magician

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"With Magic of Marco we were able to increase our client leads at our industry TRADE SHOW by 150%. Marco was excellent at getting people to stop at our booth and have their badges scanned for future follow-up. If you are looking for something to "be different" and not just give away logo pens, I recommend Marco to work your next trade show. The trade publication that covered the show had six pictures in the article and our booth, with Marco, had two of the six you can't buy better press. By the way, this trade show had 18,000 attendees. I would be happy to offer a reference for future booking." -Brad F, Convention, New York, NY
"Our trade show was a success due in part to the wonderful, talented Marco. He is truly a consummate professional. He spent 4 hours of non-stop magic and sleight of hand entertaining over 700 guests. For those looking for a wonderful talent you won't be sorry if you hire "The Close-up Magic of Marco." -Kaye F, Corporate Function, Somerset, NJ


Marco is a strolling magical entertainer who is able to kick off your event with fun and festive entertainment. Mostly he is used as an ice breaker to loosen up your guests and put them in a partying mood. Marco's style of magic appeals mostly to the sophisticated adult. As a strolling self-contained entertainer, Marco performs classic close-up magic and creates a magical atmosphere using his powers of sleight of hand wherever he performs.


Marco is a true professional who loves his art. He will keep an upbeat and positive atmosphere at your next trade show or convention. He is an asset for any company at a promotional event. He will promote your name, product or service with unforgettable flair.

Prices vary from event to event based on distance, magical services, time, date, etc.

Please call or e-mail Marco with event info and a price will be quoted for the recommended magical services your event requires!