Are you looking for a Corporate Magician that does more than just CARD TRICKS?

Most strolling magicians bring just a deck of cards to corporate events they perform at. Marco uses various magical props to perform his brand of sleight of hand magical entertainment!!
Marco can move an object with his mind, vanish objects in his bare hands, outstanding coin effects, make things rise, and yes a killer card trick or 2, all with a comedic edge!
This is not clown nose magic. This is challenging sleight of hand magic! Marco will put the buzz & fun and laughter into your corporate event!


NJ Magician

Customized Corporate Magic

View a 30 second 3 Card Monte promotional video.

NJ Magician

Three Card Monte Video

Below are a few of the corporate clients Magic of Marco has performed for at promotional events, and created customized magical effects using these companies logo's.


Toys R. Us, McDonalds, Burger King, Disney, Macy's, Bank of America, Saks 5th Avenue, Chase Bank, CitiBank, Princeton University, New York University, Pathmark Supermarkets, Six Flags - NJ, HSBC, Horizon Blue Cross, Harley Davidson, Lancer Insurance Co., Time Warner Inc., Prudential, Ralph Lauren Fragrances

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Why hire Marco for a Corporate event?

Magic of Marco provides quality sleight of hand magical entertainment for any type of corporate function. Marco offers strolling magical entertainment for cocktail hours or for the entire event as well as adult stand up comedy magic shows. (Read Info below)

Strolling Sleight of Hand Magical Entertainment

Strolling Close-up Magic can be performed at any type of a corporate event. Marco's props are small and self contained, so he can stroll while performing sleight of hand magical entertainment anywhere, anytime, and under any situation. His brand of close-up magic will break the ice and bring a festive magical atmosphere with laughter and amazement to your event. Your guests will truly be amazed as objects appear and disappear, even from their own hands! It is a wonderful, ideal way to get your party or event buzzing!

The best time to hire a strolling magician is at the beginning of any event such as cocktail hours.

Strolling Magic works best at these events!

1. All corporate events

2. Cocktail hours at catered events

3. Company holiday parties

4. Corporate anniversaries

5. Corporate meetings

6. Corporate picnics

7. Hospitality suites

8. Grand openings

9. Office parties

Your guests will truly be amazed!

As objects appear and disappear, even from their own hands!

It is a wonderful ice breaker or ideal way to get your party or event buzzing!

Corporate Comedy Magic Shows

Magic of Marco also offers 30 to 60 minute comedy magic shows. Marco's standard comedy magic show is 45 to 50 minutes long, however he can tailor his magic shows to meet the clients' needs and time demands from 10 minute sets to 60 minute shows. Marco has performed magic shows for small groups of 10 people to larger groups of 200. Marco has performed his comedy magic shows at catered events, corporate offices, company picnics, and just about all types of venues. All magic shows consists of props and objects vanishing, changing colors, and moving into a spectators hand magically and in plain view. The corporate magic show has more sophisticated magic with a touch of mentalism. Some of the effects are transposition, rising objects, mind control, a killer card trick or two, rope effects, and just some unexplainable magical effects which will leave your guests amazed. All of Marco's magic shows are interactive and filled with amazing, mind blowing, off the hook magic, all done with a comedic edge. Magic shows are best between the main course and dessert.

Corporate Magic Shows works best at these events!

1. Most corporate events

2. Company holiday parties

3. After-dinner entertainment at catered events

4. Corporate meetings

5. Office parties

Marco's guarantee is your employees and guests will have fun, laugh, be amazed, and thoroughly entertained!!

Prices vary from event to event based on distance, magical services, time, date, etc.

Please call or e-mail Marco with event info and a price will be quoted for the recommended magical services your event requires!